Good morning, Sweden

MTD is a distribution network that covers all of Sweden. We distribute morning papers, magazines, parcels, betting coupons and much more.

We reach all across the country early in the morning and we deliver overnight to both consumers and businesses. Our services are offered every day of the week – a unique offer in Sweden.

Based on 40 terminals and with the help of almost 8 000 distributors, we sell and develop efficient nationwide distribution services. Our owners are five of the seven main distributing companies, and the MTD group has an annual turnover of more than SEK 3 billion.


Our services in brief


Early Bird Postlådepaket means that we deliver smaller parcels all the way home to the recipient’s mailbox, early in the morning. Usually before 7 am. A simple, safe and cost effective way to send parcels within Sweden.

Another important advantage – especially for online retailers – is that your customer receives the package delivered to the door, and does not need to pick it up at any service point. Saturday deliveries is an option.

Both the sender and the recipient have complete control from start to finish. This is done by tracking information sent via emails or text messages, at multiple checking points during the way.

Newspapers and magazines

We deliver your newspaper or magazine fast and safe, six days a week, to all Swedish households and about 8 000 newspaper retailers. You can even get your newspaper delivered on Saturday mornings. It is your choice on which morning of the week that you want your subscribers to receive their magazines.

Parcels and pallets B2B

You reach the recipient anywhere in Sweden overnight with our early morning delivery, even on Saturdays. It is your choice if you would want to send your parcel to the company address, directly to the service technician, or to the place where the engineers will be working and need spare parts.



We are proud to be certified according to ISO 14001. Sustainability is an integral part of our business. More than 50 % of our deliveries are completely fossil-free, thanks to the distributors either walking, cycling or driving electric scooters and cars.

Utilizing the distribution of the Swedish morning newspapers is our foundation, and it provides a reduced environmental impact. From our view, everyone who are engaged in transportation has an extra responsibility to reduce the impact on the environment.
MTD do also have an ISO certification standard for quality valid until 2022. We work on continuous improvement and has a well-developed control system to measure the quality of our services.


Would you like to know more about us, and what we can do for you? Contact us by email: or by phone: +46 8–531 945 00.